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Yankee Candle 623g Large Glass Jar Candle (Spiced Pumpkin)

A perennial customer favorite, this smooth blend of comforting spice and the natural goodness of pumpkin has signaled the start of the autumn season in many a home. First introduced in 1988, this beloved fragrance perfectly captures the inviting scent of pumpkins baked in simmering spices of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon . . . and sweetened with brown sugar. Irresistible!


Yankee Candle 623g Large Glass Jar Candle (Salted Caramel)

Sweet surrender is yours with our luscious gourmand confection of burnt sugar, sea salt, and smooth vanilla caramel. Like the sweet treat itself, this is a pleasure best savored slowly. Lighting the candle signals you are going to take the time to enjoy its deliciousness. This fragrance perfectly captures the scent of sweet salted caramel – golden and buttery. You can even smell the salt.


Yankee Candle 623g Large Glass Jar Candle (Orange Splash

Like a burst of golden sunshine the bright, sparkling aroma of juicy, just-picked oranges.


Yankee Candle 623g Large Glass Jar Candle (Cotton Candy)

The scent of this boardwalk favorite is perfectly captured in all its pure, sticky sweet delight.

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