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Good Quality Flannelette Sheets keeps you warm and saves you money during this cold winter season. As you know although flannelette sheets are very comfortable, they tend to pill (forming “small balls” from loose fibres on the sheets). Sleeping on pilling flannelette sheets could be very, very uncomfortable and also annoying as well. So how should you maintain pill-free flannelette sheets?

Ramesses Egyptian Flannelette Sheet Set

Ramesses Egyptian Flannelette Sheet Set

Ramesses Egyptian Flannelette Sheet Set – made from 100% Egyptian Cotton
(Contains 1 x Fitted Sheet,  1 x Flat Sheet and Pillowcases)

  • If it is your first time using the flannelette sheets, wash on gentle cycle and add 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle, without any detergents. This will prevent the flannelette from pilling.
  • Afterwards if you want your sheets to maintain in good condition, in each gentle cycle wash you can add fabric softener or vinegar to the rinse water
  • Wash flannelettes separately. They tend to deposit lint on other fabric easily
  • Wash in cold to warm water, this will minimize colour fading and shrinking
  • The less washing powder/detergent the better
  • Do not add dryer sheets in the dryer
  • If you are going to put your flannelette sheets in the dryer, take them out as soon as you can after the cycle. Otherwise the heat will wrinkle the fabric and loosen the elasticity around the fitted sheet

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